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What’s the Difference Between an Emu and an Ostrich

What’s the Difference Between an Emu and an Ostrich

The ostriches (below)

as well as Emus (above), can be found in both parts of the Ratites collection of huge, non-flying birds which are found throughout all of the Southern Hemisphere, including Africa (the Ostrich’s range) in addition to Australia (the range of the emu).

The two species have many common physical traits including large eyes, an elongated neck with no feathers as well as long, sturdy legs that explode. Black And Yellow Birds running as well as dagger-like claws that are long and at the ends of their legs (which they utilize vigorously to protect themselves) and insufficient breast muscles;

retrogressed flight feathers and prominent

wings employed not for flight but, for courtship. Furthermore, females, as well as males from the two species, are polygamous and their eggs’ shells are the thickness of the tiniest bird, which means that their hatchlings develop faster than other birds.

However, the two species differ in size as well as their ecology and behavior. While emus are among the largest bird in Australia (weighing between 80 and 90 pounds each) They’re considered to be tiny when compared to an ostrich that is fully grown,

which is the biggest animal

on Earth (they’re approximately three times as big as an emu and weigh between 220-265 pounds). Although emus tend to be Omnivores and eat plants, as well as insects like scorpions and spiders Ostriches are more likely to have an exclusive herbivore diet (though they might devour insects).

Furthermore, emus possess 3 toes in their foot, while Ostriches have two feet and an extended tendon that permits them to sprint at speeds of almost 45 mph. However, emus generally reach speeds of 30 mph. In addition, the emu is often regarded as more gentle towards humans than the Ostrich.

Yet, despite their distinctions

, they do have a lot in common, so they are in some way connected to one another because they are both non-flightless birds and belong to the ratite family as discussed earlier. This is essentially making them cousins.

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