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When Your Car Needs To Be Scrapped

When Your Car Needs To Be Scrapped
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You have a duty to ensure that your car is scrapped in an environmentally sound manner when it is no longer suitable for driving on Danish roads. Read here the rules and size of the scrap premium and how to scrap the car here.

f your car needs to be scrapped, contact an environmentally approved car wrecker and drop off the car there.

The following rules and rates apply to car scrapping – the so-called scrap premium:

  • For all petrol cars and diesel cars, the scrap premium is DKK 2,200.
  • You will not receive a scrap premium if the car is deregistered before 1 July 2000
  • You will not receive a scrap premium if the car’s total weight is over 3,500 kg.
  • You will not receive a scrap premium for vehicles that are designed to carry more than 9 people, incl. the driver.

Can I get an increased scrap premium?

There is an increased Skrotpræmie for older diesel cars.

On the Danish Producer Responsibility website, you can see how much is left in the pool.

How do you scrap your car?

The scrapping scheme has been made digital. This means that the administrative part of the scrapping takes place online, and you get the scrapping allowance paid directly to your NemKonto.

Start the process from home by logging on to 3skrotpriser.dk. Here you select the car and car wrecker and submit the scrapping application.

You must then hand in the car to an approved car wrecker, and you must deregister the car’s number plates, which you can do yourself, as described below.

Finally, you will receive a scrapping certificate in your e-Box and the scrapping allowance on your NemKonto.

You can also start the process at the car wrecker and log on to borger.dk with the person in question.

We recommend that you use car scrapers that are approved for environmentally sound scrapping. If the company is under the car importers’ producer responsibility, it does not cost anything, while other scrapers outside the scheme can set their own fee.

Deliver your scrap car for free

In addition to the scheme for scrapping compensation, the so-called producer responsibility applies.

The manufacturer’s responsibility means that a car importer or car manufacturer is responsible for ensuring that car owners can hand over a used passenger car or van for environmentally correct handling without having to pay for it.

As a car owner, you can hand in your scrap car free of charge to the approved scrapers with whom the car importers have entered into an agreement.

In other words, there is money to be saved if you choose a car wrecker that is part of the manufacturer scheme.

Where the scrapping allowance applies to most cars, the right to hand over the car free of charge as a result of the manufacturer’s liability applies to all cars, no matter how old they are.

Unsubscribe from the car yourself and save money

An auto wrecker usually charges a fee to unregister the car with a license plate operator. Many scrapers charge a fee of DKK 250 to unsubscribe from the number plates. The fee will be deducted from the amount you would otherwise receive in scrap premium.

You can avoid paying most of the deregistration if you deregister the car yourself at eg FDM. Unregister the car only after it has been handed in to the scrap dealer, as you cannot drive in a deregistered car.

Many car wreckers are not included in the manufacturer’s scheme, and they are therefore free to set the price for receiving a car for scrapping. If you do not want to use a car wrecker that is part of the manufacturer scheme, the best advice is to call around and ask for the price.

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