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Which new Apple iPod is right for you?

Which new Apple iPod is right for you?

On September 1, 2010, Apple announced a new series of iPods. Many people are still trying to figure out which model is right for them. All new iPods are great, but they all have different features for different users. The announced iPods are the new touchscreen iPod Nano, the updated iPod Shuffle and the updated iPod Touch.

The iPod Nano is now smaller than the previous generation and has a full touch screen. Apple handed over the new Nano camera; He decided to leave the former model radio and pedometer. The good thing about the new Nano is they go back to the basics and are now mostly playing music, and that’s that. Apple has added a clip here so you can easily carry it and practice. It’s still a bit expensive for the iPod, about $ 149 for the 8 GB model and $ 179 for the 16 GB model. At 8 GB you can get approximately 2,000 songs and at 16 GB you can get approximately 4,000 songs.

The updated iPod shuffle is slightly larger than the previous generation,

and this time they replaced the iPod itself. It’s just like the first iPod shuffle, but smaller. It even has a clip that facilitates movement and while exercising. They are offering it this time for $ 49 for 2 GB on one model only, giving you approximately 500 songs. This music should be enough when you are running or working out in the gym.

The upgraded iPod Touch is only slightly smaller than the previous generation and now has front and rear cameras. The camera also records video in 720p high definition. This iPod is more for people who like music but also want to play games, surf the web, and do more with their iPod than a regular Shuffle or Nano. Apple also offers something called Face Time, a video chat program between iPod, iPhone and Mac. Currently, the iPod Touch is the only iPod that can do this. Apple has three different models for the iPod Touch.. The iPod touch holds approximately 1,750 pagalworld mp3 in 8 GB, approximately 7,000 songs in 32 GB, and approximately 14,000 songs at 64 GB. Various options make it easier to record video, play games, and use the Internet.

There’s also the iPod Classic,

This costs $ 249 for 120 GB and contains 40,000 songs. Classics are a great buy for those with a lot of music, some DJs use them. The difference between Nano and Shuffle is that some people like to choose a screen for their music collection. No screen with Shuffle. The iPod Touch is for those who know technology and want to do more with one device. This is a well -built iPod and not for everyone. All of these iPods are great, but each iPod model is designed for a different user. Hopefully everyone will be able to decide which iPod is right for them.


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