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White German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

White German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

The White German Shepherd is an extremely attractive dog. This distinct version of the traditional breed comes with a controversial history. Yet they remain highly sought-after. In the wake of the ongoing defamation of the black German Shepherd, fanciers stepped into.

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They purposely breed their dogs in the hopes to secure their genes and earning their own status as breeds. Three generations later, after breeding white German Shepherd, breeders renamed them, White Shepherds. Crested Birds,  In the end, they’re identical dogs. They are pure white German Shepherds.

Certain kennel clubs have acknowledged

The breed as their own individual. Some haven’t, and declare that he’s an essentially white German Shepherd. A Black German Shepherd Dog is similarly treated. This article will be referred to as the Black German Shepherd.

Unless discussing specifics such as this dog, the White German Shepherd and White Shepherds will be referred by the name of the White German Shepherd. They are in essence the identical dog.

White coats of their birds can be among

The rarest colors are why they are believed to an art collectors’ dogs! While they’re considered to be inherently bad by many of the world’s most famous dog kennel clubs, they are extremely sought-after. Whatever their name or color White German Shepherds make excellent family pets.

They are kind, loving, and protective. Their looks are striking and you’re sure to be greeted with a smile each time you go to the park for dogs. Let’s explore their past, their controversy, and more.White German Shepherd Dog Breed Information


The German Shepherd’s journey started in the northern part of Germany an animal that was used for herding. Each region had its own herding dogs, and during the 19 19th century the top dogs were bred to make that German Shepherd that we know and cherish today. The first documented German Shepherd, born in 1895, was named Horand of Grafrath.

His grandfather dubbed Greif was a White Thuringian shepherd. It is from Greif that the white gene is derived. Since then, white German Shepherds have been seen in litter. They are sporadic and appear through gene carriers or breed intentionally. Since then, researchers and dog lovers alike have tried to better understand the genetics of the dog and itself.


In 1933 and especially during The World Wars, the Nazi government tarnished the German white Shepherd’s reputation. Can Dogs Have Broccoli They mistakenly believed that he was an albino breed? Then, he was labeled as a carrier of defective genetics.

The falsehood was that he caused the onset of all diseases. In the end, there was a movement to remove their genes from the pool. Although this is a claim that has no scientific foundation the white German Shepherds remain not able to compete in numerous conformation contests. The breed is still viewed as a scourge by many breeders.


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