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Why do We Choose Texture Boxes to Differentiate your Packaging?

Why do We Choose Texture Boxes to Differentiate your Packaging?

Texture stock help in differentiating your packaging from other competitors. It gives an edge to differentiation and keeps your product separate from the crowd. Most consumers decide to make a purchase by seeing the packaging quality. If your product is not packed in the proper packaging consumers will not get attracted to it. You need to spend proper time creating product packaging so, the consumers will immediately pick it up. Your packaging is the first impression therefore, invest time in designing creative boxes. Packaging designing is the strategy to market your product creatively, here texture boxes could be the best choice. 

Embossing & Debossing Texture

Embossing and debossing is the recommended process for product packaging. Embossing is the process of hovering the graphics on the surface while debossing is the process of plummeting the graphics below the surface. Both processes can create an impressive effect on the product boxes and are an essential element of the design. We can also use both of these processes with foil stamping on texture stock.

Both embossing and debossing can create a dramatic effect on your packaging when used on key elements of your design. Another great use from both embossing and debossing is to include a foil stamp. Read more about click here https://ultimatestatusbar.com/

Gloss Finishes

UV gloss packaging finishes help in marking your product best among the competitors. We may find two significant finishes on custom texture boxes i.e. aqueous and UV coating. 

Aqueous coating is also known as water-based coating and is unable to impress the consumer like the spot UV. But it is used because it is FDA approved and budget-friendly.

Spot UV coating is also known as an impressive finishing. It makes the color or boxes shine. Spot UV coatings are highly durable to keep the product secure from UV layers. In order to create spot UV coating, you need to use two different dies for high gloss while others should be matte. Furthermore, you may create a soft-touch coating by adding more texture with the use of U.V coating.

Recycled Texture

If you’re targeting a market that is environmentally conscious, simple Kraft stock is a valuable solution without any coating. Furthermore, 100% recycled cover stock can also be used for such a purpose. Your recyclable texture packaging displays that the business understands its responsibilities regarding the environment.

Textured Paper

In paper stock, we can find a variety of options to choose from. But in order to simplify the things we can break down the options into 4 most commonly used:

  • Column
  • Felt
  • Laid
  • Linen
  • Column is the type that contains ribbed texture. The ribbed textured material is usually used in wrappers. Because it should be embossed o debossed the material.
  • Felt is the type available with amazing touch and it is quite easier to print on this material. 
  • Laid also has a ribbed texture but can be easily printed on.
  • Linen is a commonly used textured material that is used for texture boxes. It is easier to print on it with versatility. 

The aforementioned options are available to use within texture stock boxes. It helps in standing out from the crowd. All of these paper stock options are an overwhelming and limitless solution.  You may also get details regarding more available options to enhance the packaging experience. Your product will definitely shine and get popularity among the competitors.

Therefore, brands love to choose custom texture boxes for their products. Especially on occasions, texture stock packaging is preferred to present the product and surprise the consumers. If you wanted to get more details about texture boxes, contact some qualified and professional packaging supplier. 


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