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Why you might need a WordPress Support Service

Why you might need a WordPress Support Service
WordPress Support Service

Irrespective of your level of WordPress expertise, there is a chance there are just maintenance tasks you would rather avoid, but this puts your website at risk, so you get someone else to handle these tasks. Keeping your WordPress updates, taking regular backups, and if an occasional website-related emergency comes in, taking care of such activities can be highly time-consuming.

WordPress support services offer help with various maintenance tasks to save you from all this trouble. Be it the occasional assistance you might need for your website or an ongoing one for different client websites that you might be helping run. WordPress support service provides you with a professional solution to suit your needs.

In the following article, we understand the need to have a WordPress support service, weigh its pros and cons, and consider what factors to consider before you choose your service provider.

What are WordPress Support Services?

WordPress support services offer you a helping hand with the often dull maintenance tasks required for your website to function correctly. These include a variety of functions such as basic upkeep of the website, i.e., updating plugins and WordPress core. It may also come to your rescue in emergencies concerning your website; these include malware removal, speeding up WordPress, etc.

For a WordPress beginner, it is recommended that you enlist for the support service as professional help from an agency will only act to your benefit. To begin with, you can run into several issues that might take a lot of time if you try to solve them by yourself. On the other hand, if you have a support service, it can help save you that time and come up with a quick solution.

Some support services also offer general WordPress support. These help you with changing the themes, helping improve your website’s performance, installing required plugins, etc. It will help you run your website smoothly and make you well equipped to tackle similar problems in the future.

Though these support services are not just for beginners, they can help experienced WordPress users immensely.

Pros of using a WordPress Support Service

Paying for a support service can seem like an unnecessary and avoidable expense, but this is an investment for your website that can pay off in significant ways. Significant errors and security breaches can lead to downtime for your website. This is an expensive mistake as it can cost you a good amount of traffic, get negative feedback from your customers, and lose out on sales and ad revenue.

An unavailable website gives consumers a negative image of the website, and people are trying to access it may avoid visiting it later. This can lead to damage to your brand’s reputation, and a smeared reputation is tough to recover from in this competitive market.

If you are beginning to work on WordPress and are not confident or comfortable with the skills required to quickly resolve significant errors and get your website back online in no time, having a support service can be a lifesaver. And trust us, such errors take place way more often than you can imagine.

If you are an experienced web developer working on websites for multiple clients, there is a high chance you find maintenance work not to be of interest. Thus you outsource such maintenance tasks to save on your valuable time. And with this extra time on your hands, you can even take on more clients and grow your business as a result.

When outsourcing such tasks, you may find issues with quality or live under the constant distress that your client might find out and hire the third-party source directly. However, this can easily be avoided if you opt for a support service provider, many of whom offer white labeling. This feature disguises the support services’ work and lets you brand your information in place of your maintenance provider’s.

Cons of using a support service provider

Like any other thing, using a support service has a few drawbacks. The most feared one is a third party having access to you or your client’s website containing sensitive information. However, this can be avoided if you carry out WordPress security precautions properly.

Another drawback is the cost-effectiveness of the support services. These can be expensive depending on your requirements. If you are looking for a cheaper way out, there are plugins available to help with the upkeep of your website. However, they include yearly or monthly fees as well. And using these plugins can be dangerous as depending on your needs, they might cost you more than the support service and require periodic maintenance.

Even with its few drawbacks, using a support service can help save a lot of time and trouble compared to the alternate solutions. It frees you to focus on other aspects of your business and grow. They are also a trusted source and equipped with professionals, so the work quality is not compromised. Overall, the pros of it outweigh the cons.

The Right WordPress Support Service for you

Before choosing a support service for your WordPress website, you need to research the subject thoroughly and see what service suits your business the best. Here are some relevant things to look at before choosing a WordPress support service.

  1. Decide whether your business needs ongoing support or occasional support.
  2. Does your business require access to 24hour assistance?
  3. Look at the pricing structure of the support service.

Looking at support services with these in mind will help you make a better decision for your business.

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