Hair Situation


Hey. It's been a while, I know. Life's circumstances can be such a bitch sometimes, isn't it? 

So... I embarked on a new adventure about a month and a half back. I'm not sure where it's leading me, but I'm eager to discover and learn new things. As I am typing this, I am suffering from a nasty  cold and sore throat (no thanks to the haze) with a piece of tissue stuck up my nose. How glamorous, right? Okay, I think I'm talking gibberish because I've just taken some cold meds.

Other than a change in my job status, I've also got a new hair colour! Two, in fact, since my last update.

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So I had red, then brown, and then platinum matte. I still love my bright red hair but I thought maybe it's time to go for an even darker tone a bit. Because the red base was so long-lasting (yes even after colouring it brown), plus I wasn't ready to get my hair bleached yet, it was not possible to achieve a complete platinum matte shade. I really love the ashy look though, so I thought I'd probably stick with this for a while. Also did the same Shu Uemura Deep Conditioning Hair Care Treatment I did the previous time I was there. Absolutely no complaints there. I left Shunji Matsuo, 313 Somerset with reborn hair.

Read about my self-declared pamper day with more pictures here.

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This is how my hair looks like right now. I went darker with platinum matte, which is a combination of brown and green, so you can spot a tinge of green there. My new stylist, Caely, then gave me the Caretrico treatment, which was the hair treatment I did when I first visited Shunji Matsuo. (I've raved about this here.)

Now the question is... what should I go for next? Back to red as instigated by my girlfriends, or continue to go even more ashy tone?

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On Self-Loving


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I think this is a topic that not many people would choose to talk about openly.

After all, this could be perceived as something inferior, something to be embarrassed about. But of course, it is subjective. So I don't speak for anybody but myself.

I don't have many friends. Acquaintances, yes. Friends, not really. Most people come and go, few stay, fewer stay put and never frizz out.

And sometimes, this makes me sad.

I admit that I do feel conscious about this. And sometimes it makes me bitter thinking about how small my inner circle is. But when I think about the bond that I have built with these limited few, I perk up... and then my heart sinks again because my mind starts badgering me with how "you only have these friends - ha!" After a while, I'll be okay. And then the cycle repeats.

This is not an emo post, nor is it one that teaches you what you should do when things like this happen. It's that once-in-a-while reminder-to-self kind of post. Because I've come to the realisation that at the end of the day, I care too much about how others think to the point that I depend on friends/people to be happy. I simply do not know how to love myself.

Self-loving. It's not a narcissistic expression. It's a habit that every individual should embrace wholeheartedly. I recently read this article titled What Self-Loving People Do Individually and found these three points to be really meaningful.

Self-loving people sleep on it. 
"As we learn to respect ourselves, we become more long-term oriented. Instead of caving to momentary impulses and immediate gratification, self-loving people will sleep on it and weigh the outcomes of important decisions. Paradoxically enough, being able to delay gratification and think about long-term outcomes gives us the ability to enjoy our lives more in every single moment, because that "long-term" that we're always thinking about becomes our entire way of life."

Self-loving people teach people how to treat them and walk away if they cannot.
"...self-loving people approach relationships from a place of self-sufficiency. They know what they need to feel respected and they know what they have to offer. They gently teach the people around them about their boundaries and, if those are crossed repeatedly, they have the courage to walk away."

3. Self-loving people admit their mistakes.
"Those who don't have self-respect are always measuring themselves against some outside standard. In many cases, that standard is being "right." They feel good when they're right and crestfallen when they're wrong, because their whole sense of identity is wrapped up in these labels. Self-loving people tend to identify with more permanent parts of their experience, rather than temporary states like right/wrong, old/young, happy/sad. They feel a deep, unconditional acceptance of themselves, which gives them the power to practice self-improvement without losing self-love. Thus, they not only admit when they're wrong, they expect to be."

I think self-loving, if done right, has another word for it: emotional maturity. With that then will i have the psychological strength to banish away the self-defeating afterthought of "and then my heart sinks because my mind starts badgering me with how "you only have these friends - ha!""

In the article, the author writes, "Now, I see happy people and I smile, knowing that their lives are products of a series of habits that support their relationships with themselves." And I give a heartfelt nod in my head and aspire to become the bigger and much happier individual. ☺

Signing off with the sound of the month: Jessie J - Who You Are

  x Becks

Brunch Crunch: Pacamara's Breakfast Plate Is My New Favourite


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Pacamara is my new favourite brunch place.

Bright and airy with a communal dining concept, it sits at the corner of Upper Thomson Road and Jalan Pelatina, right across from Shell Petrol Station. There are two reasons why I love this place: firstly because it's "Instagram-worthy"; secondly because their breakfast plate contains everything that I look for in my, well, breakfast plate.

Seems like one of the most important things that you should look out for when you start a new cafe venture today is its aesthetics. Are there ample lighting for a good camwhore shot? Are the tables clean and pretty to complement a flatlay? Doesn't matter if the food taste just okay, but are they nicely plated? There's no denying it - we are the social media generation and Instagram is our ammunition.

As for the breakfast platter... hey, as long as there is a hash brown in my breakfast platter, I'm all good. The crunchy toast, Alain Milliat jam and smoked salmon, though, were the tasteful bonuses that accompanied my jackpot hash brown. Yum!

Pacamara Boutique Coffee Roasters
185 Upper Thomson Road

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