My New Double Cleansing Skincare Routine


I don’t particularly have very sensitive skin, but when it comes to choosing skincare products – especially my cleanser – I always look out for the ones that are made for delicate skin types.

When I was offered the Atorrege AD+ Double Cleansing Skincare Routine to try, I didn’t hesitate to jump on board. Atorrege AD+ promises five things in their products: no fragrance, no colourants, no parabens, and they are allergy and internal cellular tested. To simply put, it is promising.

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This Japanese skincare brand was established in 1995, years after developing a lotion to combat dry skin disease and eczema in the 1980s. Fast-forward to 2007, Atorrege AD+ was born to keep up with modern technology and urban conditions. With the new nanotechnology, the products can now penetrate deeper into the skin.

That’s why it is possible to use natural herbal ingredients – Soybean Extract and Hamamelis Extract in Atorrege AD+’s case – and as little unnecessary ingredients as possible to treat the skin. As the saying goes, less is indeed more.

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The Atorrege AD+ Double Cleansing Skincare Routine features two products: the Atorrege AD+ Mild Cleansing and the Atorrege AD+ Face Wash Foam/Liquid (depending on your skin type). Double cleansing originates from Japanese skincare. They believe in using proper cleansing products to remove makeup by hand massaging instead of using makeup wipes or cotton pads. Then, you wash your face using a face wash product. Fair enough. Let’s see how it goes.

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The Atorrege AD+ Mild Cleansing is the makeup remover cleanser in question. It’s essentially a makeup remover and a skin cleanser in one. With an oil-soluble base, it works by dissolving your makeup gently but swiftly through botanical cleansing agents without causing skin irritation.

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Left: with makeup; right: with Atorrege AD+ Mild Cleansing

Gentle and swift it was! I applied the product using dry hands on my dry skin and it very quickly melted away my every day makeup – BB cushion, concealer and brow pencil. The most noticeable part would be my eyebrows. Notice the dark residue on the right side beside my eye? All I did was merely sweep my fingers over my brows (after letting the cleanser settle for a few seconds) and the brow product slid right off.

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After the Atorrege AD+ Mild Cleansing, my skin felt cleaned already. But there’s more dirt and grease to the skin than you think you have. The Mild Cleansing product primarily removes surface grease and dirt – that also means your makeup – while the upcoming step, the Atorrege AD+ Face Wash Foam, goes deeper into your skin for the full works.

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The Atorrege AD+ Face Wash Foam for normal to oily/acne skin is made out of nano size cleansing bubbles to deep clean the skin so grease and dirt won’t accumulate to form blackheads. It also rounds up the two-step process by tightening pores for skin smoothness and clarity.

I’ve been using the Atorrege AD+ Double Cleansing Skincare Routine for more than two weeks now. What I like about the routine is the makeup removing efficiency of the Atorrege AD+ Mild Cleansing and the soft lathering of the Atorrege AD+ Face Wash Foam on my skin. Together, they’re not harsh at all and prep the skin against irritation so I am able to pile on my skin enhancing products after.

With price ranging from $49 to $159, Atorrege AD+ is available at major pharmacies and departmental stores. But really, why bother when they are now retailing online at

You can now give my new double cleansing skincare routine (Mild Cleansing + Face Wash Liquid/Foam) a try at $10 off, PLUS get another 20% off if you sign up a new account at!

Give it a go and let me know what you think?

What I'm Grateful For This 2015


On this chilly December evening, emotions and nostalgia hit me. I immediately felt inclined to write this entry.

There are many things I am thankful for this year. In April, I got out of a two-year stint with my previous company. I left without knowing where I was going, but I got lucky. I continued doing what I've always been happy doing - writing. Other than just on my blog, I was writing for other clients quite a bit. For the next three months, I led a carefree life and am glad I got the luxury to take this "break". Then, I met new people and was introduced to new opportunities. All I can say is I am blessed to be where I was three months ago and I am blessed to be where I am today.

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With David Gandy and Jared Bailey. Check out my new hair (on the right) in a very dark lavender ash shade thanks to Shunji Matsuo @ 313 Somerset. Quote me for 10% off all chemical treatments!

While on the job, I travelled, met and spoke to too many people. Flying to Shanghai to catch a glimpse of Chris Evans, interviewing British supermodel David Gandy; chatting up Michelle Phan on Google Hangout, doing one-on-one with Anggun, and talking about beauty with Benefit Cosmetic's global brow expert Jared Bailey... I look forward to many more to come.

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Most important of all, we hit the 10th year mark this 2015. I do not think we got it bad, but it's definitely not as smooth-sailing as most people expect our relationship to be. But through it all, I choose you. I am glad you choose me too.

Here's to another 100 years of unfailing love and passion.

Inner Beauty Therapy with Carragheen: My Experience


I’ve been undergoing the Inner Beauty Therapy with Carragheen once a week for three months now. This is my experience.

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If you follow me on dayre, you would know that I’ve been going to Carragheen for my eyelash extensions since August. A few days after my first eyelash session with Carragheen – where I did my extensions plus a soothing Eye Detox Kua Sha treatment – I received a phone call from them offering me to try out their Indiba Eye therapy. My chronic eye bags had obviously captured their attention.

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Before my first Indiba Eye therapy sans makeup

If there's one thing that really bugs me about my face, it's those eye bags, especially when I’m smiling – and I smile a lot! My makeup-free face also looks so dull and tired-looking. When Carragheen recommended that I give their Indiba Eye therapy a shot, I knew that it was not going to be an easy feat, especially because I have a sinus issue. But hey, there was no harm trying anyway.

A little bit about Indiba Eye: it uses a non-invasive radiofrequency technology to improve microcirculation – poor blood circulation is usually the cause of dark eye circles, puffiness or dull skin in general – and can help to reduce eye bags, wrinkles and the likes in the long run.

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The first session saw me sitting down with Carragheen founder, Cherlyn, who had a questionnaire in hand to understand more about my lifestyle and habits – all of which attribute to my current skin issues. Apparently, each individual belongs to a specific DIA group. From there, we find out which trace element(s) our body is lacking.

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I belonged to the DIA II category. This category is usually dehydrated and needs to pay extra attention to their kidney and bladder. I have to say that it was spot-on! I do have bladder issues and am always reprimanded for not drinking enough water whenever I go to the doctor’s.

Cherlyn then recommended me a combination of treatment (the Indiba Eye), supplements and homecare products to try out. They advocate an Inner Beauty Therapy that focuses not just the on the external surface of your skin, but also on internal health.

If your skin is dehydrated, you cannot just focus on external application. More often than not, it boils down to your inner health – or beauty, as Carragheen calls it. It is actually a very simple concept but often disregarded by beauty salons. I was glad to know that Carragheen uses this holistic approach.

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But then again, I wasn’t going to take just any supplement that was shoved to me. These supplements – the DIA II and Bilberry – are made of natural plant extracts, probably the main reason why I was more willing to give them a try. I was also given the Hafer (made from Oat to calm light skin irritations), Drainactive Eye Fluid, Eye Contour Cream and Ice For Eyes Mask for homecare.

My favourite product is the Ice For Eyes Mask because of the cooling effect it delivers upon application. It is made of energising agents like Menthol Ester and Panthenol, and hydrating agents like Shea Butter, Jojoba Oil and Vitamin E. You can either use it as a 20-30 minute mask or an overnight mask. I usually apply a thin layer around the contour of my eyes and leave it on overnight.

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Back to the Indiba Eye therapy: it uses two metal flat applicators; one targets the surface tissues, the other targets the thicker, deeper tissues. Temperature gradually increases upon application. Your therapist should inform you to let her know if it gets too warm or if you get an uncomfortable tingling sensation.

For me, (I’m guessing) because my skin is sensitive, my therapist switched to massaging my skin from the heat emitted from her fingers using the second applicator (the one that targets the deeper tissues) placed on her hand.

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After my first Indiba Eye therapy sans makeup

Clearly I wasn’t expecting a noticeable difference after my first Indiba Eye therapy, but I did notice that the surface texture of the skin around the eye area felt smoother. That’s one small step for me, one giant leap for my eye bags.

I’ve been going for my Indiba Eye therapy every week since September and I’d fall asleep every session without fail – that’s how comfortable and relaxing my therapists and the therapy room made me feel. I also appreciated the weekly cleanse because it was nice to have someone thoroughly cleanse your face, especially during the haze period.

I also found that every therapist that I spoke with have a good deal of knowledge on skincare and their products. Of course, it’s a given that they should know their products inside and out. But what I was impressed about was that they were able to explain everything in their own terms rather than just using textbook knowledge to scrape through my questions.

After three months of my Inner Beauty Therapy with Carragheen, while my dark eye circles are still hiding behind my concealer, my eye bags – the issue I was more concerned about – have toned down. The delicate skin around my eyes is also smoother, which makes it so much easier to smooth on my concealer without the visible little bumps you get beneath the eyes.

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After three months with a new set of extensions and makeup on

What I was most amazed by has got to be the faded dark spot on the right cheek in the picture. That dark spot didn’t look like that previously. It looked like someone punched me and gave me a big, black bruise the size of a 50-cent coin. It turned out that I had a cystic acne. After diagnosing it, Cherlyn blended a cream made of plant concentration and massaged it onto the spot.

I swear upon my favourite accessories, after that one time, the bruise subsided and became smaller! Cherlyn dutifully massaged the spot for the past two weeks and it has since reduced to a one-cent coin. That’s the thing: I love that my skin is well taken care of by the Carragheen team even though that was not my area of concern to begin with.

Other than doing my lash extensions and my Inner Beauty Therapy with Carragheen, I also had the privilege to try out their 90-minute Signature Spa Revital Facial, which was oh-so-rejuvenating.

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After the usual cleansing and mild extraction, I fell into deep slumber under the soothing hands of my therapist, who performed three different massage techniques – the Manual Lymphatic Drainage massage for detoxification; the Face Shaping massage for firming; and the Morphology massage for relaxation. She then applied this ultra-cooling Oats Elastin Mask before doing a shoulder/neck/scalp and arm massage on me. It was heaven, I tell you.

It’s definitely a pampering Christmas indulgence that I’d recommend you to try because there’s a special Christmas promotion happening right now! Get to enjoy the Carragheen Signature Spa Revital Facial at just $129 (USP $258). I call this a total value-for-money end-of-year reward for yourself.

For appointments: 62223376

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