Small Change, Big Change

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2 things.

I don't think I need to ask if you notice anything different about me. But why yes, the hair. I finally did it. After 25 years of my life with virgin, black hair, I finally gave my hair a colour thanks to Sally at Shunji Matsuo, 313 Somerset. It almost felt like a life-changing moment for me because I was going through a difficult time and decided that change is imperative. Read more about my experience over at my dayre. I always had this misconception that colouring my hair could ruin hair health and cause my strands to dry out and look really bad. But the hair treatments at Shunji Matsuo really nourish my strands! Only two treatments with them and am already a loyal fan!

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Brows, brows, brows. Just had my brows done at Erabelle last weekend. As I said before, once you go brows, you never go back! Read more about my experience with Erabelle's Erabrowlogy here.

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8 Things I Miss About My Recent Australia Vacation

1. Eat Streets Market in Brisbane

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2. Nature

No misunderstandings please. I am so not a nature person. I hate camping and insects are the bane of my existence. What I really miss are the beautiful natural sceneries that God has so graciously granted us to indulge in. Even if it's for a brief second before realising that they are just rocks. Or water.

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3. The Beautiful Juxtaposition of Old and New Architecture

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4. Abundance of Creativity Unleashed

Graffiti walls and random art structures around town. The freedom to express creativity some times borderlines dangerously between vandalism and art - something our country is still struggling to deal with.

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5. That Kitchen In That House

Open air concept. Huge island. I've cooked better dishes there than what I cook at home. Enough said.

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6. Charlie's and Nudie

I wish Singapore had the full range of Charlie's and Nudie! They make the best juices and smoothie. Now I'm craving me some Apple + Banana + Chia Seeds + Cinnamon breakfast smoothie...

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7. Skincare

My three beauty favourites for quite some time now! The LancĂ´me Renergie CC Multi-Lift Instant Illuminating Color Corrector: my cheat product for the no makeup make-up lazy-day look. The Laura Mercier Foundation Primer: warm weather must-have to help makeup stay on for longer.

Finally, the Bioderma Sensibio H20. This is a treasure. It has always been within my radar because I've heard many friends and beauty insiders raving about it but I've never tried it until Bioderma sent it my way! Am I grateful that they did. It's exceedingly gentle to my sensitive skin and leaves it feeling fresh and non-greasy after use. But here's what really won me over - I was initially worried about how my regular skincare (featuring my new Laura Mercier Foundation Primer and Bioderma Sensibio H20) might not be suitable for the ultra dry Australian weather. But wow, they both make great summer and winter skincare/makeup essential! Been using the Bioderma Sensibio H20 for about 2 months now and am happy to report that it's a mainstay in my daily beauty stash.

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8. This Person

You're my downfall, you're my muse
My worst distraction, my rhythm and blues

Come home soon.

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Hello, Shunji.

Sponsored Review

If you follow me on dayre you would know that I recently got a hair sponsorship with Shunji Matsuo. I was really excited because firstly... yay to free hair cuts and treatments (such a cheapskate, not gonna deny it!), and secondly (most importantly, really)... yay I can finally - perhaps - do "something" to my boring locks.

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I was really grateful that Shunji Matsuo at 313 Somerset was able to accommodate to my appointment request at an extremely short notice. I was in desperate need of a hair treatment and trim so I thought I'd start with something small for my first session with Sally from Shunji Matsuo at 313 Somerset. Just a head's up, I'm not going to be strutting around in pastel hair any time soon. You'll never know, let's just do one baby step at a time for now, shall we?

Sally recommended that I do their Curement Herbal Treatment, a 100% organic treatment that will strengthen, moisturise and ultimately repair my horribly dehydrated and dry strands. You'll never go wrong with 100% organic. We started with the scalp cleansing shampoo, then the 3-step Reacted Type Repairment System (after which Sally put this funny looking machine that helps to open up the pores in my scalp for better nutrients absorption. I uploaded a video of steam seeping out of my head on dayre. It's hilarious, you have to go watch it!). We ended off with a repairing shampoo rinse and a sweet after treatment to seal the hair treatment session.

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A trim here and there... and we're done. My hair felt (and feels, after a week) ultra soft and smooth I can't stop myself from running my fingers through it. Love to my stylist, Sally, for staying past after hours to finish up my hair!

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Before and after. Never going to miss a monthly hair treatment again just to make sure my hair continues to stay like that.

And as a CFR reader, you can get 10% OFF CHEMICAL SERVICES if you quote my name (Becks Ko at Camerafilmroll.com)! Please don't miss this because I highly encourage you to do a Curement Herbal Treatment with Shunji Matsuo at 313 Somerset. You will not regret it, I promise.

Shunji Matsuo Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/shunjimatsuohairstudio
Shunji Matsuo at 313 Somerset Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/HairSalon313


Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry

Was invited by Absolute PR for a food tasting session at Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry a few weeks back. Because it was dim sum, I had to say yes. Who can pass up the chance for some dim sum brunch? So I brought my girlfriend along and headed down to the humble restaurant one Saturday afternoon.

If you're thinking of a quick no-frills fix to satisfy your dim sum craving, Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry is the place for you. Situated in a somewhat inconspicuous location, you can find Dim Dim at Marina Link, in between Esplanade MRT Station and Marina Square. I know, no one really thinks about dining there, but you'll see.

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I'm not a fussy eater, but I can tell the difference between mediocre, good or fantastic. For a local based Dim Sum restaurant that offers a range of Hong Kong delights at affordable prices, I give Dim Dim a thumbs up and a good in my book. I am not a porridge lover (porridge only when I'm sick!) but I caved in to the Cuttlefish and Peanut Congee. My recommended must-tries are the Steamed Cheong-fun with Chinese Dough Fritters (yummy!), Deep-fried Shrimp in Beancurd Skin Roll and Mini Egg Tart (my girlfriend F commented that it's one of the best egg tarts she's had). But don't take my word for it, I am after all, a fried food advocate. Head down to Dim Dim and taste it for yourself.

And yes, I would definitely drop by again for quick dim sum fix.

Dim Dim - The Hong Kong Pantry
6 Raffle Boulevard B1-16 Marina Square
Singapore 039594


Triple shot.

Just got back from a cruise vacation for the weekend. This for another day. Chinese New Year has finally come to an end! How was your CNY? I thought mine would be beyond boring. (And I wish it was beyond boring.) Anyhow, here's a really quick wrap up/triple shot of my CNY in fashion - my three outfits of the days for CNY Day 1, 2 and 3!

Day 1: top: feist heist, shorts, shoes, bag: zara; bracelet: alexander mcqueen; bangle: mulberry; ring: ck; earrings: chanel
Day 2: top: opening ceremony for adidas; skirt: bkk; bag: hurssg; shoes: zara; watch: nixon; bracelet strap: balenciaga; rings: cheap monday; earrings, bracelet: f21
Day 3: dress: bugis; shoes: zara; bag: hurssg; watch: michael kors; bangles: bkk, ysl; ring: swarosvki

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