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5 Signs of Dog Dementia

5 Signs of Dog Dementia

Your senior dog may not be able to remember where his keys are, but he can experience “senior moments”our dog may be experiencing canine cognitive dysfunction, or the doggy equivalent of Alzheimer’s if he has trouble remembering the route or isn’t enjoying the activities he used to enjoy,It is important to recognize the signs of cognitive decline in your dog so you can detect it earlier.

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Signs that your dog is suffering from dementia

Dr. Denise Petryk (DVM) says that the widely-accepted DISHA acronym can be used to help dog owners identify the most distinctive signs and changes associated with CCD. Types Of Blue Birds  Bonnie Beaver, a board-certified veterinary behaviorist says there’s

no need to worry about your dog suffering from the same symptoms. The more symptoms and frequency we see, it is more serious. She says that each sign or symptom does not necessarily signify a specific phase.Here are the facts about cognitive dysfunction in dogs.


You may notice that your senior dog becomes disoriented even in his familiar or normal environment.This happens often when the dog goes out in the yard and the dog turns his back on the wrong side or door. Dr. Beaver states that the brain part involved in orientation has been affected.

You may have difficulty with your dog’s spatial awareness. Your dog may be unable to recognize where he is, or how to get there. Your dog may be in another part of your house at bedtime, looking up at the wall rather than curled up in his dog bed.

Dr. Petryk says dogs are good at timing. This is a sign of something wrong.You should first take your dog to a vet for a checkup. Your vet might be able to rule out other medical conditions, such as a brain tumor or diabetes.

Interactions with family, pets or guests may change

Canine cognitive dysfunction may affect your dog’s interaction with other animals and people.The once friendly dog who was the best friend of all, may now be cranky, irritable, and even growling at children or other animals. He might bite or lash out at his beloved playmates.

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Dr. Petryk warns that such behavior could indicate something more serious.He may be acting in this manner because he is experiencing pain. He may have arthritis, or another condition that causes him to feel pain when he is moved or touched. Dr. Petryk says that X-rays may be necessary to rule out a painful condition.

CCD can cause dogs to withdraw

from their families and avoid their favorite activities. Dogs with CCD may not be able to hear the doorbell ring and may become disinterested in greeting people. They might also stop barking at mail carriers. You may find your dog doesn’t respond to the call when you take him for a walk.

If you notice any changes in your dog’s behavior, consult your veterinarian. Your veterinarian can help to rule out any potential health problems and teach you how to support your dog as he grows. Can Dogs Eat Asparagus

Changes in the Sleep-Wake Cycle

Cognitive dysfunction is characterized by a change in sleep patterns, disruption of circadian rhythms, and other symptoms.

Dogs who used to sleep well may be able to pace throughout the night. Dogs often reverse their usual schedules so that their daytime activities are now their nighttime ones. Pet owners can find this frustrating and exhausting.


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