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Advantages of a Pre Approved Personal Loan You Need to Know


Pre approved loans are short-term loans made available to selected consumers by banks and NBFCs. They demand few documents and do not require any collateral or security—the interest rate on the loan changes depending on the borrower’s profile. You may also apply for an instant loan without documents online. The loan may be used for any purpose and is especially beneficial for paying unexpected costs such as job loss, medical crises, or any other unanticipated incident. Let us see the advantages of pre-approved personal loans.

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Why select a pre-approval loan?

Your financial track records are authenticated and verified by your lender. If a prospective borrower’s creditworthiness is deemed acceptable for a loan, lenders may often give them the option of obtaining a pre approved loan. Receiving this offer indicates that your creditworthiness has been evaluated positively. If you have a salary account with them, the bank will have an understanding of your income and daily cash flow. Other evaluation techniques include:

Credit score: Because of your excellent credit score, your lender may have declared you qualified for a pre-approved personal loan.

Transaction history: Your lender may have analysed your transaction history and seen that you have a healthy bank balance and transaction rates. Customers with no credit or payback history are also eligible for pre-approved loans if they have significant funds in their bank account and a stable source of income.

Previous loans: You may be picked for pre approved loan offers if you have previously taken a loan and paid them back on time. Paying your credit card payments on time is also beneficial.

Keep in mind, however, that a pre-approval does not guarantee an offer. It is only a guideline based on your loan eligibility. Despite being “pre-approved,” your loan request may be denied if you do not fulfil all eligibility conditions during the verification procedure.

What are the advantages of pre-approval loans?

Advantages of pre-approved personal loans:

Instant funding: Being pre-approved for a loan is a safety net for your urgent financial demands. Once the verification procedure is complete, such loans are commonly disbursed within a few minutes and may be used for any end-use purposes. Because you have previously met the loan eligibility conditions, you will not be subjected to extensive inspection.

Flexible loan period: You have more significant input in determining the best loan payback time. This is generally between 12 and 60 months. Keep your repayment abilities in mind when deciding on a loan term so you don’t fall behind.

Competitive interest rates: Because of your strong credit score, the interest rate on a pre-approved personal loan is often lower than the interest rate charged if you applied for the loan otherwise.

Existing clients qualified for pre-approved loans do not need proof since the lender already has your KYC, employment, and other income information in their database. Specific financial organisations also provide new clients with loans. Bank statements (typically six months), last three months’ wage slips, PAN card, and evidence of domicile (driving license, Aadhaar card, passport, etc.) are necessary for such circumstances.

Most lenders provide loan services online, and you may apply for an instant loan without documents online using their mobile app or website by filling out and submitting a form. Soft copies of the needed papers may be uploaded in the appropriate format to the lender’s mobile app or website.

More bargaining power: With pre-approved loans, the lender approaches you with their product rather than you strolling in with a request. This provides you more negotiating power to reduce the interest rate or lengthen the duration or payback period at your leisure.

Better financial planning: When you apply for a loan, you may be unaware of your loan eligibility and may have your application refused. Pre-approved loans allow you to organise your budget better since you know precisely how much financing you are qualified for.

Special discounts: To make the conditions of the pre-approved loan more appealing, your lender may provide incentives such as processing fee waivers, cheaper interest rates than ordinary clients, EMI holidays, etc. These benefits might help you lower your total anticipated debt marginally. However, these unique advantages may vary from lender to lender.


Although there are many claimed advantages of pre-approved personal loans, getting a loan if you do not need it is pointless. Avail of a loan only if you need the money. Furthermore, you might, for example, pick a credit line instead, where you can gain final approval and not pay any interest until you spend the money from your authorised amount. If you must take a loan, be sure you only borrow what you need, not what the lender is ready to offer you.


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