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Architecture Trends of 2022 – Exotic Interiors Studio Dubai

Architecture Trends of 2022 – Exotic Interiors Studio Dubai

The year 2021 was a time of emerging trends such as the use of new facades, frequent integration of steel in structures, and new social spaces. While some of these trends have continued into 2022, there are also new ones that have come about. Whether you are looking to facelift your home with a new architectural design, or just filling up your mood board with new visual inspirations, you will find it useful to look at the fresh architectural trends that have surfaced during the early months of 2022.

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Bringing the outdoors in

The idea of bringing a sense of the outdoors into your home was a trend that gained traction in 2020 with Exotic Interiors. This was driven by the spread of the COVID 19 pandemic and the ensuing lockdowns that took place as part of widescale preventive measures. This 2022, we can expect this trend to take on a new twist. On example of this is the prevalence of bathrooms that are seemingly indoors and outdoors at the same time. This is done through full-length windows and the use of earth- and nature-inspired colour palettes and tones. In some cases, timber cladding is added to enhance the outdoorsy feeling. Due to the fact that this trend often integrates open spaces, such designs are recommended for warmer countries and periods of the year yimusanfendi

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Intelligent Homes

With the advancement of technology, consumer tech products for homes have continued to move in step. Beginning with smart TVs and digital assistants such as Alexa, new innovations have come around to enhance smart homes and make our lives easier and more comfortable. The range of technologies has expanded now to include doorbells with built-in security cameras, robot vacuum cleaners, and smart temperature control units. That said, the smart home trend is expected to continue in 2022. Already there are more buildings with smart sensors that adjust room temps and reduce energy consumption based on room occupants.

Sustainable Architecture

Sustainability remains to be one of the major global efforts in response to the threat of climate change. As such, it comes as no surprise that sustainable architecture will continue to be a prevailing trend in 2022. This is expected to come in the form of more energy efficient buildings that consume significantly less power through the help of sustainable technologies and fitouts, as well as intelligent design. For example, there has been an increased emphasis on maximising natural light to brighten indoor spaces. More and more buildings are also using water recycling systems to mining water waste vietsn.

Multifunctionality and flexibility

The pandemic has had a profound effect on the working environment, as businesses – big and small – had to suddenly adapt their practices and processes in order to survive. One of the biggest trends that emerged in the area of business is remote working. Working from home suddenly became the norm, and as a result, living rooms and dining areas suddenly became working spaces as well. This has had an effect on interior design and architecture as well, with the sudden prevalence of multi-purpose surfaces or enhanced acoustics for video calls and online conferences.
If you are looking to adopt any one of these trends, feel free to get in touch with XBD Collective. With years of experience in architecture and interior design, XBD Collective have the knowledge and expertise to transform your home into truly modern space.

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