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Blue and Gold Macaw

Blue and Gold Macaw

Blue or Gold Macaw lay 2-3 eggs and their young hatch within 28 days. Similarly, green-winged macaws have three eggs and the period of incubation is 26 days. Hyacinth Macaw lay 2 eggs and the incubation time is 29 days. Military Macaw 2-4 eggs and the

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Macaw Behavior

Macaw is a highly intelligent parrot, ever curious and alert to its surroundings. Macaws are extremely social and spend the majority of their time with their flocks, families, and love their family a lot.  Birds Of South Carolina  Macaw rests on trees in the forest and in the morning , they fly with their flocks to search for food, and they travel to do this.

Macaw is fond of playing in water. Often, they are observed splashing around on the surface of the ocean. They spend a lot of time chewing on wood with their beaks, and chewing wood helps sharpen their beaks.

Macaw Breeding / Macaw Nesting

Macaws are monogamous. That is to say that once they have formed their bond with one another the bonding will remain until the end. When a pair of Macaws form a flock They remain close to one another, except for when female macaws are on eggs or in the company of young ones.

A pair of Macaws feeding as they roost in the trees. Their young are close. Even when they fly in flocks that are flying, they stay close to each otherand their feathers touch. In captive breeding Macaws the young are fed approximately 15-20 times daily.Blue and Gold Macaw

Macaw Food

Macaws consume a variety of vegetables and foods like flowers, seeds, leaves and fruits. They also eat nuts, especially and safe veggies that are nutritious for them are beetsand broccoli corn collard greens and carrots. hot peppers as well as spinach potatoes, tomatoes.

Certain food items in certain regions in which Macaws fly feed on toxic or caustic foods that they digest. For digestion , like toxic or caustic substances macaws eat clay from the exposed river banks in the Amazon Basin.

Macaw Parrot Cage Size

It is true that Macaw Parrot is huge in size, keeping in mind their size cage size of Macaw Parrot should have the following dimensions: ( Long x Width Height ) (6 8 6).  Pink Birds  In this kind of cage Macaw Parrots can open their wings full and wide, inside this cage size, Macaw Parrot will be satisfied.


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