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Everything you want to know about apple watch screen replacement

Everything you want to know about apple watch screen replacement
apple watch screen replacement

Apple watch screen replacement does require a certain degree of expertise, which you can find at certain watch repair centres that have what it takes to replace your screen. These shops will have the correct tools, replacements and screens to work with your device. In addition to your watch screen, some shops also provide service for other parts of your watch.

There is a high probability that if your apple watch falls by mistake, it will harm the screen of your apple watch.

What is an Apple Watch Screen?

The apple watch was manufactured by apple and had a flexible retina display called OLED and used high pixels per inch. The most important thing to note is that the apple watch uses very advanced technology with a very powerful display for their watch.

How to Replace an Apple Watch Screen

The most important thing that Apple does not want its customers to do is to change the screen all by themselves. If you are still trying to replace the screen, it is important to have the right skillsets and tools. Before going through the process, it is important to look after the precautions that a person will have to take. They are as follows:

  • Take a full backup of your apple watch and switch off the watch before opening the watch.
  • Wear the right protective gear like the gloves and the eye wears to help protect your hand and the screen of the watch.
  • Do not use any force when working towards removing the screen or fixing the apple watch to damage the apple watch by any chance.

Number of required items in the kit

The number of items required is the heat gun, screwdriver, tweezers, prying tool, and a razor blade.

Steps to repair the screen of the watch

  1. The first thing is to shut down the watch’s power by holding the button on the side continuously for seconds till the watch is switched off.
  2. Take the help of a heat gun and heat the watch; it becomes very difficult to touch it.
  3. Then work towards opening the device, take the help of a razor blade and try to enter into the metal frame of the watch and the screen. Make it a point to not go very deep inside the watch and not use any force of pressure. Once it is opened, take the help of a prying tool, and insert it between the metal frame and the glass. Take the help of tweezers to remove the latch that covers the display connectors of the cable. Then work on removing the ribbon cables below the latch with the help of a prying tool.

 What is a Screen Replacement Cost in an Apple Watch

The apple watch screen replacement is very expensive, and sometimes it is as expensive as half the cost of an apple watch. The cost is so high due to replacing the screen and the company focusing on replacing the watch completely. The apple company is working towards replacing the entire watch. Once you have sent them your broken watch, they will send you a new watch.

The most important thing to understand is that cost of replacing the screen for the watch will vary from model to model. If you do not have apple care+, you will have to pay around 150$ to 500$ as you are not under warranty. If you have a watch of the premium ceramic model, you will have to pay anywhere around 800$ for the screen repair of your apple watch.

Is it worth it to replace the apple watch screen?

Any user will become unhappy when they know how expensive an apple watch screen replacement will cost. If you plan to buy a new apple watch, it will be more expensive than getting your current watch repaired. The cost will be anywhere more than 200$ to 250$, more expensive than a broken watch. If the user goes for a new watch, it will cost anywhere around 550$ to 600$. For repairing the screen of your watch, it will cost you anywhere around 350$ for it to start working perfectly.

Is it correct to go ahead with the screen replacement?

You will feel unhappy when you come to know the cost of getting your apple watch Glass replacementIt is seen that buying a new piece of apple watch will cost more than replacing your current watch’s screen.  

If you have purchased the apple watch recently, then getting the screen replaced is worth the effort. But if your watch is old, then it is worth buying a new apple watch for yourself. The cost for repairing the old watch screen will come to around 350$ and buying a new watch will cost y you around 550$ and it is worth it.

When to Consider Replacing your Apple watch

It is better to consider when you have no warranty for the watch, and the damage caused to your watch is very expensive. The only option left with the watch is to get it replaced. When you find the watch’s battery is not in proper working condition, the battery tends to drain out very fast. The watch is not working and stops completely. There is a very level of dust present in the watch, and you cannot use the watch with the functions present. You cannot change the time of the watch, which leads you nowhere and many of the functions are not accessible enough.

These are some of the points to consider when considering replacing the watch.


Apple watch screen replacement is very expensive for any user wanting to replace the screen. The most important thing to keep in mind is to take absolute care of your watch. If you come to know the price for replacing the screen, you will make a conscious effort to keep the watch safe. No one thinks of an unexpected event that can damage the watch completely. In that scenario, it is not in your hands. But you can do your bit in protecting yourself when you wear the watch.


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