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How To Choose the Right Salon Chair?

How To Choose the Right Salon Chair?

Suppose you operate a salon, or you’re thinking about doing so. In that case, you already know what you need to buy and have installed to ensure your employees can do their jobs right and ensure customers are comfortable the whole time. Salon chairs are one such purchase you need to make precisely for customer comfort.

Material and options

Next up is the upholstery material. As a rule, manufacturers use leatherette: it is affordable and at the same time durable, easy to care for, and resistant to dyes and various detergents. In addition, modern leatherette is made using technologies that allow you to accurately recreate natural leather’s texture, elasticity, and softness. Some luxury armchairs are upholstered in genuine leather (which is rare). Such models are expensive, making caring for them more difficult. Of course, at the client’s request, all kinds of crystals, rhinestones, and even gilding can be added as decoration to expensive upholstery, not to mention all types of color schemes

Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators 

Hydraulic and pneumatic actuators combine a common principle of operation: the energy of a pre-compressed working fluid is converted into translational or rotational motion of the actuator. The difference is in the working fluid itself: in hydraulics, it is a liquid, most often hydraulic oil, and in pneumatics, it is gas, air from the environment.

Hairdressing chairs with an electric lift are less common, as they require an electrical connection and consume electricity. However, they are on sale, especially men’s models or models of exclusive chairs for washing heads.

Differences in barber chairs

It would help if you started with the fact that all hairdressing chairs are different from ordinary chairs:

  1. In the possibility of height adjustment: Masters and clients of different heights, in addition, clients may have different hair lengths, which also affects the need to adjust the size of the seat.
  2. Width and depth of the seat: For the greater comfort of the client, who is forced to spend a long time in the chair, sometimes several hours.
  3. In the height of the back: Except for purely male chairs (for the convenience of the master with tools, the back should not be higher than the client’s shoulder blades and have a larger angle of inclination compared to ordinary chairs and armchairs to avoid stress on the client’s spine.
  4. Durability and strength of the material: In manufacturing a hairdressing chair, durable and robust materials should be used because each chair is used by about ten customers daily; upholstery material should not absorb moisture and collect hair particles.
  5. Abundance: if necessary, the chair should rotate in different directions; if the client needs to be brought to the sink, which is not equipped with a separate seat, it must fit the chair with wheels and a stopper.

Men’s chairs look more massive and most often have an adjustable headrest and reclining backrest; this will help support the client’s head in a comfortable position for both him and the master during services such as mustache and beard trimming.

Salon chairs can play a part in the salon’s overall appearance. It makes perfect sense to want the ideal chairs for your establishment. But with so many choices available, choosing chairs can seem daunting, especially if this is the first time you’ll be doing so. So here are the top factors to consider before you finalize your purchase.


This is arguably the most important feature of not just chairs at a salon. But any piece of furniture you expect to use constantly. No matter what beauty treatment is carried out, whether it’s a simple haircut to hair dying or manicures and pedicures. There’s a lot of sitting down. It can be made more bearable with a comfortable chair.

Some features that add to or ensure salon chairs are comfortable include an adjustable hydraulic base, the ability to rotate smoothly, complete spinal support, and cushions made with high-quality materials.

Ease of Maintenance

Long story short, choosing salon chairs that are easy to clean is a better choice, especially if they’re dark-colored. But, of course, the material and fabric used will affect this feature, too. That’s why choosing chairs made of a suitable material is so important. The better the materials’ quality, the easier the chair will maintain and the more durable it will be.


You spoke of safety, the base, and other chair parts that let you raise and lower it. And even allowing it to swivel deserves your attention. After all, you wouldn’t want a client to suddenly fall onto the floor because the chair gave way, right? So, look for salon chairs with stable bases made of durable material that can withstand height adjustments and other movements which may be required for your salon’s various beauty treatments.


You may be surprised to learn that salon chairs have warranties, just as appliances do. Typically, the best chairs are those backed by an extended warranty policy, averaging around five years. However, some contracts are good for at least ten years.

Taking a look at the manufacturer’s warranty should give you additional information about their chairs. Take note if policies cover parts adjustment if something malfunctions while the chair is in use. So you’ll know you can get it fixed when necessary.


Let’s say you’ve put together a list of chair brands and models that are comfortable and suitably easy to maintain. You’ll want to narrow the list further by accounting for your budget. You have to find and strike a balance between spending too little money on cheap chairs. And spending too much on high-end ones.

If you don’t think you can afford to get as many chairs as you need. You can always invest in two perfect chairs and make the difference with more affordable ones. Then replace the latter with more of the former as you make enough money.


As to where to find salon chairs, you can start with furniture stores or dedicated stores that cater to businesses like salons. And if you can seem to find a salon chair you like, you can always search online for the perfect one.


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