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How To Legalize A Birth Certificate?


Legalizing the birth certificate offers multiple benefits. Discover: how to legalize a birth certificate?

The birth certificate

The birth certificate is the document that proves the registration of a newborn person. Said certificate is issued by the State. In addition, there are important data such as the information of their parents, and the place, date and time of birth. Similarly, the full name of the person born appears. Usually, the parents are the ones in charge of registering the information of the newborn and, in the same way; they receive a copy of said document.

Birth certificates are required for certain transactions in Chicago. Some of the procedures include applying for citizenship or health insurance.

The legalization of documents

The legalization of a document requires a notary. Unlike Chicago apostille, the legalization of a document has another function. It serves to verify the authenticity of the signature on the document. Both the original document and an authentic copy can be legalized. This means that you can legalize deeds, titles, etc… According to the law, a notary is not responsible for the content of a document. The necessary conditions for the legalization of a document are different. Among them the official deed to legalize, the presence of the interested party and an identity document valid at that time.

Where to legalize my birth certificate?

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How to legalize a birth certificate? Contact the notaries of Global Tax Insurance. We take care of offering you the best service.


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