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How to Stock a First Aid Kit to Care for Injured Pet Birds

How to Stock a First Aid Kit to Care for Injured Pet Birds

You’ve had you African gray parrot for over 18 years, and you’ve never had an emergency. All of your veterinarian treatments have been carried out in the “as planned” basis.

And here you are , on an evening on a Saturday, with the closest bird-related emergency clinic just two hours away. And it’s been reported that your bird broke a bloody feather.With a bit of education and a first aid kit with the appropriate bird-care tools You can help stabilize your bird until he is examined by a vet.

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However, before you can be sure

that you have everything that you require to have a bird first-aid kit, it’s vital that you’re properly trained to utilize these tools properly and efficiently. birds chirping Talk to your veterinarian or call with the nearest Red Cross to determine the availability of pet first aid classes in your area.

After you’ve completed some instruction on bird-first aid you are able to make your own kit. These are some of the items that a bird-loving owner with training keeps in their avian first-aid kit.

Choosing a Bird First Aid Case

Personally, I store my pet’s first-aid kit in a toolbox that is small because I enjoy all the compartments and spaces the toolbox provides. It is also convenient to take it with you to the vet if you need.

There is many options available to choose a bird first-aid kit case. Some prefer backpacks, while others opt for toiletries. It is important that it can meet the needs of both you as well as your pet bird, and is also easy to transport or to grab during an emergency.

It’s a smart option to have an emergency kit for caring for birds in your car and at the home; having a kit can help you avoid catastrophe.

Emergency Contacts and Important Phone Numbers

The first and most important thing is to keep all the necessary information you could require in the event in an emergency, on the top the first-aid kit. It should include the telephone number and directions to the local vet clinic, as well as the nearest emergency clinic for avian patients.

It’s possible to write these numbers on a luggage tag that you be affixed to your backpack, as well as on the label put in the top of the container for your tools or the first aid box.If you are faced with an emergency it is recommended to load your pet bird in the vehicle first, and then notify the clinic of the estimated timing of your arrival.

It is also recommended to be aware

of the Pet Poison Hotline displayed on your refrigerator or in your bag and kept in your cell phone, so you can swiftly take action in an emergency. Be sure to inform any family members or friends, too.How to Stock a First Aid Kit to Care for Injured Pet Birds

Basic Equipment

After you’ve decided on the appropriate case and checked that emergency contact information and numbers are available Then you can begin packing it with the required first aid equipment for birds.

Supplies for Transporting Your Bird

Based on the situation You will probably require your hands onto your bird as quickly as possible. This is a problem in the right circumstances, but particularly when your bird is afraid or injured.

This is why you must always keep towels in your emergency kit for bird care. It is essential to avoid injury to yourself as well as your bird.Learn how to capture a bird using towels in your initial training in first aid, or speak with your veterinarian for suggestions on how you can effectively capture your bird’s favorite pet. If a bird is extremely scared, or one with the aviary of a large size may need to be caught using the help of a net.

In many cases, it will be

required to know the exact weight of your pet, and using a postal-style gram scale available will allow you to give your information swiftly to the vet hospital while traveling.

The right size carrier in your bag can be extremely useful should urgent transport or restraint within smaller spaces be required. I’ve seen people carry entire first aid kits in the same carrier in order to keep everything in place.

The two bird cages that are suitable to transport your pet’s bird in the event of an emergency are two bird cages: Water Birds  the Prevue Pet Products travel bird cage as well as The A&E Cage Company soft side travel bird carrier.

General Bird First Aid Supplies

These are items that should be included within your bird’s emergency health kit. They allow you to gain a better understanding of any injuries your bird might be suffering from, and if it’s something as small like a damaged nail or bloody feather, you can deal with the issue right away.

Because many bird-related emergencies can be dealt with using everyday products, there are some common items you could stock your emergency kit for birds with.


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