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Know About the Best Pokemon Go Spoofing Apps

Know About the Best Pokemon Go Spoofing Apps

Pokemon Go is famous among many youngsters all over the world. Many people enjoy playing this game, but there is one problem with it. You cannot play this game in specific regions. If you are living in a region where Pokemon Go access is not available, then you will not be able to play the game in your area. This will be detected by your phone as you have added your current location to it. Hacking or VPN don’t work as well, so people choose spoofing apps for Pokemon Go. You can now use apps that will allow you to change your location without letting the app know about it and thus, you can enjoy playing your game. Here are some apps for spoofing or changing your phone location so that you can have access to Pokemon Go.

FakeLoc Location Changer App:

This app is the most helpful one as it gives multiple benefits and does not require a jailbreak on iPhone. You can simply download MXCode location changer app on your phone which is helpful to change your GPS easily. For this, you just have to download the app and then change your phone location settings. You can change your map from there and can enjoy playing Pokemon Go. It is a useful app for beginners, but this does have other features related to the game so keep this in mind.

Pokigo++ Spoofer App:

This app requires a jailbreak in your iPhone, but it performs well while playing Pokemon Go. This app is specifically made for the game and you can easily change your location on the phone. Moreover, it is not for other purposes so you can just play the game when spoofing or changing your location.

PGSharp App for Android:

The app is for android users who don’t have an iPhone, so this is not available on iPhones. You can easily play the game after spoofing your location from the phone. This app has a free version, but you will have to pay for specific features in it. Moreover, this game lets you cheat on Pokemon Go as it allows you to see the feed directly which is quite unethical. You can still turn off this feature while using the app, but most people don’t do it. Other than that, this app is good for playing Pokemon Go and is just made for the game.


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