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Net neutrality: what it is and why it matters to you

Net neutrality: what it is and why it matters to you
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90% of Internet users have no idea what the term “net neutrality” means, even though they benefit from it every day. If it ends now, so will the internet as we know it. This is not an alarmist conspiracy theory; It is true. The idea is on the table, and it won’t take long to put it on the agenda. Read more about net neutrality and how it affects us all.

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Let’s see what it is and what we lose by losing it. Because the internet works now, all traffic is sent at the same speed no matter where it comes from. It’s true that when you buy a website, you can pay more for better hosting (and therefore faster websites and happier 스포츠토토사이트). However, this does not apply to the actual Internet service. So even playing conditions. Now imagine if big companies could pay to promote their websites. If they can pay to send all the traffic to and from their websites faster and from websites that can’t pay. What does this do for a free internet business? How can mom and dad live?

Since we are now dealing with small businesses and large businesses,

they all have the same opportunities for traffic. As a dedicated small business consultant, this gives me hope. But if both Google and Verizon make a proposal, it will significantly change how the Internet works. The powers that be would have you believe that it only affects certain portable devices, but if it has to stop, it won’t stop there. When you squeeze a little, it really isn’t.

While there’s no confirmation that ISPs like the idea, it’s a little scary. They use cables that carry information across the state and around the world. If you use the Internet, someone will send your request over a cable.

Currently, this happens at the same rate for everyone big or small,

but if you can send yourself before others, it gives you an advantage and you can bet which one is deeper. The catch is that they got the biggest lead. The wheels of capitalism turn and the little person always gets the short end of the stick. Now is the time to deal with it before it starts.

We need to make our voices heard. We need to speak up and speak up before the internet works like everyone else in this society. The rich get richer and the poor struggle to survive. We can’t afford to let this be the personal footprint of a well-paid set. We cannot allow money to be the last hope for those trying to get ahead in America. Learn about news


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