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Professional Preparation Of Your Car

Professional Preparation Of Your Car
Worker cleans car interior with vacuum cleaner.


  • Try one of our 3 popular car care packages
  • Experience your used car as almost new again

There is almost nothing that beats the feeling of sitting in a new car. So if you want to pamper both yourself and your car, our professional car preparation and car care is the perfect solution.

With us, you can get the Danish weather conditions in advance. The cold, moisture and salt of winter and the light and dry air of summer are harsh diets for car paint. With our paint seal, your car will look better for a longer period of time, and if you choose the Gold Package, you will also get a cleaning of the cabin.

Why do you need to get your car ready?

It can be a good idea to take care of your car to maintain the value of the car, until when it will one day be sold again. But a professional Klargøring af bil, you are assured of the use of the right products, eg in relation to the instrumentation material. It is an important factor that the right products are used, in order to ensure the durability and longevity of the car. It is also important to clean the car’s systems, eg air conditioning. If this is not cleaned, there is a risk of particles and impurities in the air being blown into the car.

In general, you ensure the condition of the car with a preparation; this applies to everything from paint, tires, interior and systems. The better you are at your car and its condition, the more you do to keep the value of the car.

Strong price on car care!

Get your car ready for a self-drive holiday, or increase your driving pleasure with the highest quality car care.

We offer 3 different solutions, so you can always choose the type you need. You see prices and content in the packages on this page. If you want to book an appointment for cleaning your car, contact your nearest xn--steamgrnt-r8a.dk workshop.

We look forward to giving you the feel of a brand new car.

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