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Spy Camera that Connects to Phone: My Secret Partner

Spy Camera that Connects to Phone: My Secret Partner

It been a year since we have transferred to this city. At first my daughter showed full reaction and even tried to convince us to let her stay back in the hometown. It was because all of her friends were there. Well by all I mean one friend who was with her always. They have been friends since the school days .May be their company was enough for each other that they did not consider to make new friends. So in short it was life and death situation leaving the home town and friend. We managed to do it but it was not enough. She became a whole new person here. She was always in her room, most of the time keeping to herself, shy and silent. We almost thought of consulting a therapist for her. But things finally started too changed after few months.

She started enjoying school stuff, was going out with new friends and more. In short, the old girl was seen after so many months and we were so happy.  In that happiness my husband asked her to introduce her new friend with us.  He asked her to throw a house party and in that way we will meet all of her friends and all. It was not a good idea even guessed it but he shared it with her at the spot without discussion.

At first she refused but then she told us that she is ok with the idea. That was the start of a bad vibe. On the birthday only one friend showed up and she had blue hair and the piercings. Now I can’t tell you about all the details of the piercings because we were finding it hard to even look at her face. There were so many and even looking at them was painful. Any way it was a hard day. At the end of the party night I received a text form my husband. He was sitting right in front of me in the lounge. It said, “Let’s get the spy camera that connects to phone”.

Well decision was made so I did the research and got the OgyMogy spy app.

  • Use of parental control app is very common these days. It is completely legal to use the app for teenagers and miners monitoring. Parents can use such app without worrying about any legal issue. So in case you are worried about that don’t worry.
  • Next worry of most of the parent is how will the kid reacts. The same question bothered my husband as well. But an efficient app keep your secret safe. OgyMogy app works in the background so the target does not know about the monitoring app. That means your kid will not know about the installation of a spy app in their cellphone or any other smart gadget. The app worked in the background without disturbing the normal working of the target gadget.
  • Next comes the feature details. We were in search of spy camera that connects to phone and tell us everything about the kid’s activity. The OgyMogy offer camera bug feature.
  • It gives remote control of the target device to the user. Parents can control the front and rare camera of the device to make snaps of the surroundings of the kid. My husband at first was in stress and one of his major concern was that what if our daughter want to dye her hair blue or want that much piercings. It was just his worries as the kid was not interested in anything at all. At least till now she has not shown any such gesture.
  • OgyMogy Phone Spy app offer many other features as well that can secretly tell you a lot of things about your kid.
  • The mic bug feature let us listen to all the surroundings sounds and voices of the target teen. You can listen to all the discussion if they are making any evil plan with the kids.

At first we were only interested in feature related to the spy camera. But once we got the app we came to know that OgyMogy offer many other excellent features as well. The app is a real blessing for parents who are old school but want to protect their kids form all the modern destructions.

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