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The most complete way to edit posts on Instagram

The most complete way to edit posts on Instagram

Today we will talk about editing posts on Instagram and deleting Instagram posts, which has a great impact on the number of your followers and has a great impact on your decision to buy Instagram followers. Instagram is an example of the best and most popular cyberspace app and most people spend their time in it. For this reason, it is one of the applications that have the most users. Now, while working with this network, we may encounter problems that we intend to explain in this section of our blog. It has happened to all of us that we have posted a post on Instagram and after sending it, we have the decision to delete and edit it; Stay tuned for more information.

Delete Instagram posts using a web browser

In this section, we want to introduce you to two methods of deleting Instagram posts and editing Instagram posts.

It has happened to you many times that you want to log in to Instagram via computer. Also, experienced people know that when they entered it through browsers or even various versions of Instagram, they did not have an option called delete post. But Instagram has added this feature to its web version now. In the following, we will explain both the old method that did not exist in the web version of deleting posts and the updated version.

The old way of deleting Instagram posts using a web browser

To answer questions about deleting Instagram posts and editing posts on Instagram, we will first fully explain how to delete posts through Instagram web versions that do not have the option to delete, and then talk about editing posts on Instagram. We will.

1 – Step 1: Log in to Instagram.

After entering the site, you must enter a series of information. This information is the same as your username and password.

When you enter your username and password, you will be logged in to Instagram. There is a human symbol at the top of the page. Select it.

2 – The second step: Now you have to convert or simulate it to a mobile version. To create the ability to delete posts in it and be able to delete your posts.

To do this, when you enter your page, right-click on a point in the browser on the screen. (It does not matter where you right-click on the page.) When you right-click, several options will appear on the page. One of these options is the inspect element. Click on it. When you select it, you can see that a bar has been added to your browser. There is a mobile icon at the bottom of the page. The name of this shape is indicated by responsive design.

Note: You can use ctrl + shift + M on the keyboard instead of step 2. And then select the mobile icon at the top of the screen.

3 – The fourth and final step:

Here we will do the final work. That is, we select the post we want to delete. One of three dots is placed horizontally at the top of the post to do this. We choose it. When we select it, options are created for us, one of which is the option to delete. Select it and eventually, our post will be deleted.

A new way to delete an Instagram post using a web browser

In the new method, Instagram has made the work very easy for the user, so that the user does the same steps that he goes through on his mobile phone.

In this method, you have to go to the Instagram site and enter your page, then click on your profile picture at the top of the page to open a window. Then click on the profile to be directed to your profile section. Now you can select the post you want to delete or edit. Click on the desired post to display the full post for you.

At the top of the opened window, three dots click on it to display all the required options. The first option is to delete or delete and the second option is to edit or edit.

Delete Instagram posts with a web browser

Reasons for deleting Instagram posts spontaneously

Sometimes without deleting the Instagram post and editing the post on Instagram, we find that the post has been deleted. One of the problems that many people have with Instagram these days is that their posts are suddenly deleted. This can be very frustrating for the users who use this program the most and cause them to think about finding a solution to this problem.

Usually, when Instagram wants to delete a post, it sends a warning that your post is blocked, but somewhere the situation is worse and more dangerous Instagram does not send any alarm regarding the deletion of your post and the post is automatic Removes new items. In the meantime, users may be very confused. In some cases, this issue is permanent and will prevent the growth and development of your Instagram page.

The reason for these sudden deletions on Instagram is not following a series of Instagram rules, which are called prohibited content on Instagram. These rules are so important that everyone must follow them without exception, otherwise, Instagram will delete their posts or block or close their pages altogether.

In the following, we will introduce you to the types of prohibited content on Instagram and we will also explain the reasons for deleting the posts.

Prohibited Content on Instagram

Prohibited content on which you must delete Instagram posts and edit posts on Instagram includes the following:

  1. Buy or sell a variety of firearms
  2. Buy or sell all kinds of alcohol
  3. Buying or selling all kinds of tobacco
  4. Buying or selling all kinds of drugs, whether cosmetic or otherwise, if they do not have a legal prescription
  5. Sale of live animals

Types of gambling online

  1. Any kind of issue related to sexual content
  2. Any kind of hate speech
  3. Personal harassment
  4. Or extortion and extortion
  5. Promoting and encouraging people to violence and any kind of violence
  6. Threatening people with financial losses or even physical threats
  7. Self-harm and encouraging people to it
  8. Intense films with a theme of violence

This content is the same as the forbidden content on Instagram, and if it exists in your posts, your post will be removed, but the concern of people these days is that these items are not used in their posts, but their posts are clean. Becomes.

The reason for deleting the Instagram post

The reason for deleting Instagram posts that do not use prohibited content could be the following:

1 Violating and not following the instructions of Instagram about your posts

2Not confirming the address and email and not finding its connection with its mobile number

3Old versions of Instagram the application

4Content that is under copyright law

5 Another reason is that we are happy with Instagram, which is caused by Instagram itself

6Having a bug on your Instagram

7 There are suspicious activities in your Instagram account

8 It is even possible that your account has been hacked and you have to wait a while for the photos to be returned. This happens when you are sure that you have followed all the rules in your post.

9 Clearing naked posts

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Edit posts on Instagram

As you know, Instagram is a very good application and you can use the ability to delete Instagram posts and edit posts on Instagram; For example, you may need to edit an Instagram page by purchasing it. But there are several limitations, for example, one of these restrictions is editing a post on Instagram, such as when we put a photo as a post on Instagram, it can no longer be edited, but its caption can be completely edited Of course, editing for people who want their posts to be included in Instagram Explorer or its global section should not be done for at least the first two hours.

To edit the captions of your posts, first, you have to go to the part where all the posts can be seen, then we will select the photo that we want to edit the caption of, then select the top three points of the post and select the edit option. This option is called edit.

Learn how to edit posts on Instagram

In the ability to change the Instagram caption, it is even possible to change the tags and locations in addition to the caption.

We have already mentioned that people who want their posts to be included in Instagram Explorer should not edit their captions or posts and tag and change their location. Because this is against the law of Instagram and will greatly prevent the post from entering Instagram Explorer and its progress, as a result, they will not face an increase in Instagram followers. Therefore, people who have work pages or business pages should try not to edit the post in the first two hours after leaving the post, even if there is a misspelling in it.

Edit posts on Instagram Web

In the method of editing posts on Instagram Web, as in the new method of deleting posts on Instagram Web, you have to go through the same steps, but instead of the option to delete, you must select edit and edit the post. In editing posts on Instagram Web, you can only change captions, hashtags, and locations. You can also apply settings to the post, such as not showing the number of likes and not being able to send comments from followers.

Conclusion about editing posts on Instagram and deleting posts

Instagram is one of the most popular applications among cyberspace applications, which has the highest number of users. Therefore, the creator of Instagram, because the fans of this program are becoming more and more every day, puts new updates and updates for this program. Deleting Instagram posts and editing posts on Instagram are some of the features that were done in the same initial updates.





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