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Vancouver, WA Sellers – Why Buy in 2022

Vancouver, WA Sellers – Why Buy in 2022

The job and housing market in Vancouver, Washington is not good. It’s still late. Even if the statistics don’t seem as bad as they say, all you have to do is look around and talk to people.

At least some of my friends have lost their jobs. I have some close friends who have worked all their lives and have been unemployed for the last five months.

A house sold two and a half years ago in Vancouver, Washington was quickly demolished.

You can still see large tracts of land where only half of the homes and apartments are now. The growth that Portland OR and Vancouver WA experienced from the late 90s to the beginning of the last decade was rapid and intense. Developers fill the market.

Surprisingly, the population of Washington and Oregon has not declined. People still walk here. This is not a one-time rush. And even if a lot of people come here, the builders immediately build a house. It turns out that the demand for housing has been high in recent years, but it has not ensured a large supply.

So what’s the point?

We suffered the most. Markets in Vancouver, Washington and Portland were flat. It’s a job that will never come back, but it won’t leave either. There are a lot of tech companies going nowhere in Vancouver Condos for Sale, Washington, and even more so in Portland. Fred Myers, Hewlett-Packard, Wafer Tech, SHE America, Nautilus and Sharp are headquartered here. That probably won’t change anytime soon.

There are still many things that attract people to this place.

Many people want to live in the Portland area, but they don’t want the stress and “busyness” of big cities. Vancouver, Washington has no income tax, better schools in the long run, and safer housing (especially now).

You can’t get much in Portland for $250,000. It could be a hotel on the east side like the Rockwood area. You can get a decent home in Vancouver, Washington, and you can get a very nice right-sized home for a bargain.

This isn’t the first time Vancouver and Portland have been attacked.

Remember that Oregon and Washington are very desirable places to live. People may complain about the rain, but the weather here is generally mild, there are no natural disasters, crime is lower than elsewhere in the country, and we have a highly educated workforce. We may not be as strong as Seattle, but we’re not too far off.

Homes for sale in Vancouver, Washington are expensive today. You have people like me who live in Lake Lucama’s and have lost $250,000 in the last two years. We are the only ones who can be destroyed when the housing market goes up. People who are too young to buy or couldn’t buy when the market crashed are now in a good place.

Real estate values ​​in any area constantly experience booms and busts.

This is the reality of life. This isn’t the first time this has happened, and if history has given us any indication, it won’t be the last. The real estate market in Vancouver, Washington is currently experiencing one of these “bankruptcies”. 2022 may offer good long-term investment opportunities for forward-thinking people.

The news may seem bad, but it’s a good time for anyone considering selling real estate in Vancouver, Washington. The city is Portland’s largest suburb, and for most people, it’s still a great place to be.


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