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Video watermarking vendors

Video watermarking vendors

With the help of forensic watermarking, subscription wholesalers can no longer sell pirated video content online and offline.

With the rise of on-demand streaming services like Netflix and Amazon Prime, video piracy has skyrocketed. Piracy networks, which include hackers who use sophisticated methods and operate across borders, are a major problem for content owners around the world.

Before sending DRM protected content to the user’s device, OTT networks and content owners use DRM technology to verify the legitimacy of the user and apply forensic watermarks to the DRM-protected content. Once the video is encoded, the video watermarking is typically applied.

The video piracy ecosystem is a global network that has evolved over the years. Components that operate both online and offline and across the globe make up this system’s multifaceted nature. The retailer or other streaming websites that function like popular OTT platforms but at much lower cost can receive pirated content obtained by hackers from a piracy subscription wholesaler, which aggregates all of the pirated content.

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The pirate subscription wholesaler is generally a keen observer of the OTT sector and keeps an eye on the popularity of content in different geographic regions. The hacker sells their content to the wholesaler, just as they would to a legitimate OTT platform. Because of this, wholesalers must closely monitor audience trends in order to maximise their profit. IPTV and pre-loaded devices both sell pirated content, so it’s important to keep this in mind. Offline success is dependent on the wholesaler’s ability to access popular pirated content from hackers.

Itis not, however, a total loss for content owners when their content reaches the piracy ecosystem. Their multi-DRM technology and Video watermarking go hand-in-hand, and it travels through the piracy ecosystem with reliability. Watermarks are embedded in each frame of the video asset at the time of encoding by an effective forensic watermarking vendor. Each video asset is watermarked with a unique, invisible watermark that contains information about the device and user account from which it was retrieved. Robust video watermarks can withstand a variety of attacks, such as distortion.

Video watermarking vendors can be relied upon to maintain a database of watermarks for content owners. Detecting pirated content is as simple as extracting the watermarks and comparing them to a database vendors maintain. As a result, content owners will be able to track down who leaked their content to the pirates.

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The client-side watermarking can be ineffective if the developer doesn’t take care to obfuscate its code, despite its ease of use. Watermarking technology is useless if the code can be deciphered by a hacker, who can easily reverse-engineer and block the watermark insertion process. While at the same time, the device may be leaking. The same code cannot be used to protect all devices. Use device- or operating-system-specific code to ensure a foolproof arrangement is in place.


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