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Ways to Use Jojoba Oil for Healthier Skin and Hair


There are few products for beauty that are as simple as oils: Apply one or two drops onto the areas that are causing you problems, whether it’s the dry patches on your face or those split ends on your hair, and return to your regularly program. But how do you pick one from the hundreds of oils available to include in your routine? It’s not that difficult to determine. Lets find out whether jojoba oil price in Pakistan and whether its worth buying for healthier skin or not. 

The list includes coconut, rosehip, argan, and grapeseed oil to mention several of them. All of them have special properties that improve your hair and skin in a variety of ways. However, another oil that merits the attention of a modest brag? Jojoba oil (and not just because the title is entertaining to utter). The reason dermatologists recommend this extremely versatile oil for skincare is worthy of a place in your cabinet of medicine.

What is Jojoba Oil in particular?

Jojoba oil comes by the seeds from the jojoba plant which is a perennial plant that lives in the North American deserts. The oil is responsible for about 50 percent of the seeds of jojoba it is extracted through cold-pressing which keeps the nutritional value of the oil.


How do you choose the right jojoba oils for your hair and skin?

If you’re looking for Jojoba oil, ensure its 100% pure and organic cold-pressed, unrefined, and not refined. This is because processed oil that is contaminated with preservatives and other ingredients can cause irritation to the skin and trigger negative side effects like eczema and allergic reactions.

It’s also essential to check the list of ingredients to make sure that jojoba is included as the main ingredient instead of a supplement product that’s added. “Jojoba as the main ingredient means you’re getting an adequate amount of the product so it can fulfill your desired skin and hair needs,” says Dr. Husain.


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