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Which skills an SEO executive must have?

Which skills an SEO executive must have?

We can’t leverage our project with SEO if we do not know the right way to do it. An effective SEO Strategy requires an implementer who has the required knowledge of the following:

  • Type Of The Industry & Targeted Audience 

To frame a viable SEO strategy, you need to have a great understanding of the following:

  • What kind of industry are you in?
  • Whom are you competing with?
  • Where are your competitors primarily doing business?
  • Which competition seems complicated to you?


  • Conducting Keyword Research 

It is quintessentially essential to know what your customers are searching for. For that, we need to carry out thorough keyword research. First, you have to decide which location you are targeting.

  • Search Behavior of Audience

Before strategizing an SEO campaign, it is significant to study Audience Search Behavior & the shifting trends taking place in the market.

  • Mobile SEO 

Google prefers websites that are highly mobile responsive. By mobile responsive, we mean to make a website adaptable no matter which device it is or what kind of operating system it is.

  • Good Knowledge of Core Web Vitals

Core Web Vitals is nothing more than a measuring tool that helps web admins enhance their pages’ performance. 

  • FID – First Input Delay 

It measures the interactivity of a webpage.

  • LCP – Largest Contentful Paint

Its primary use is to measure the loading performance.

  • CLS – Cumulative Layout Shift 

It assesses the visual stability of the webpage.

  • Studying the way of ‘How a site is discovered?’

The site is usually discovered by Search Engine Spiders, popularly known as crawlers or bots. As an SEO executive, it becomes essential to study how a google bot crawls your site. This needs a good understanding of the sitemap.xml file & how to keep the website architecture aligned.

  • Indexing 

Though Indexing & crawling are interrelated, they have different connotations. Any silly mistake can lead to deindexing of the links, or sometimes it happens that Google does not consider indexing your link. So an SEO executive aiming to take your project on top must have a piece of good knowledge of Indexing.

  • Technical SEO 

There are three integral parts of SEO: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO. Though all these components have their significance, the weightage of technical SEO is more significant than all.

Did you know?

Technical SEO Executives are highly renowned for rendering site speed optimization services

  • Content

I believe that there are only two types of content: Good Quality Content & Rubbish Content. Good-quality content has the power to make a website get applauded by google. In contrast, lousy content (plagiarized, paraphrased, grammatically or factually poor) can deindex your site, but your site can get penalized too.

  • Link Building 

SEO, without link building, sounds incomplete. No? Link Building is a crucial aspect of SEO. When we speak of Off-Page SEO, it is entirely about Link Building. None other than Link Building can build your page and the domain authority.

  • Analytics & Reporting

Search Engine Optimization is about doing efforts continually; it is also about tracking the efforts & analyzing whether they are working. It is the only analysis that can help you know whether your SEO strategy is going in the right direction or not.

Final Comments!

Optimizing a website for search engines is not a small thing; it requires tons of effort on the SEO Executive’s part. Leveraging a website with those efforts requires a good understanding of SEO and its principles.

In today’s article, we have tried to enlist those skills that an SEO executive must have.


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