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Wpc Wall Panel Manufacturer

Wpc Wall Panel Manufacturer

Wall panels are highly effective in absorbing ultraviolet light and radiation, and the uneven texture on the surface of WPC interior wall panels diffuses light, reducing eye fatigue and damage.

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It can reduce noise and improve the quality of sleep. Sound insulation has achieved 29 decibels, equivalent to the sound absorption effect of a semi-fixed wall, in tests conducted by a national agency. For example, it can absorb the sound of plumbing in bedrooms and bathrooms.

It also provides warmth in winter and coolness in summer: the temperature difference between the room in which WPC interior wall panels are installed and the room in which they are normally installed is 7 degrees Celsius. Compared to painting, the difference can be as much as 10 degrees Celsius, resulting in a significant energy saving effect.


Product name: Wood-plastic interior wall panel.

Size: 218*28mm

Material: 60% wood fiber + 30% HDPE + 10% other additives

Available colors: standard or custom colors

Application. Interior wall decoration for villas, hotels, hospitals, schools, offices, and shopping malls.

Shelf life: 5 years

Delivery time: 15 pcs/month, depending on quantity.

Why should you choose WPC Wall Panel?

This material has the following features

  1. Low price, looks like wood but is much cheaper than solid wood.
  2. Waterproof, moisture resistant, and free from rotting, swelling, and deformation.
  3. anti-thermite effectively repels pests and prolongs life.
  4. Flame retardant, no toxic gas emission.
  5. Environmental protection, pollution-free, recyclable, gasoline-free, 0.2 formaldehyde, under EO standard, meeting European environmental protection standards.
  6. Good sound insulation and energy saving Energy saving up to 30% or more.
  7. Easy installation, quick installation, time and cost saving installation, and low maintenance cost.

These are the products offered by wpc wall panel manufacturer. If you are interested or want to know more about related products, you may contact us directly. In addition, unifloorwpc is also a professional manufacturer of PVC ceiling moldings. We can manufacture them. If you have related ideas, please contact us directly.


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